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Royal Copley Fish Vases and Planters

Fish planters_allThe Royal Copley fish planters and vases pictured here are some of the most popular, and most highly produced items. Note that there are two other fish planters produced, but the planters pictured here all have a unified theme in the design of the fish themselves. They are all very similar.  Called by many "Koi" vases and planters, that name is not strictly correct. Spaulding took artistic liberties with all the animals they produced, and being  "species correct" was not a consideration. Produced in the prolific grey, blue and pink as well as chartreuse (green) and blue. There was one cylindrical vase that was produced in a sepia or brown and chartreuse pattern. However the fishes on this vase seem a bit  different and remind me of carp fish, rather than koi or goldfish. All of these vases and planters can be found with factory applied gold decoration from heavy to light, and add to the value from 15%  to 25% depending on the amount of gold and execution. These vases and planters will be detailed in separate articles for identification and pricing purposes.