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Royal Copley Tanagers

RC TanagersRoyal Copley (6 1/4") Tanagers

Green Stamp or raised letters on the bottom of the planter.  Endless color variations make this an interesting item to collect. Just when one thinks they have them all.... there's the next one. 

$18^ Each

Webmaster Collection

Royal Copley Woodpeckers

RC Woodpeckers

Royal Copley (6 1/4") Woodpeckers

Identified with either a green stamp or raised letters on the bottom. Designed as a planter and another example of the almost endless color combinations created by the designers and decorators of Spaulding.  Note the floral design and the detail of the bird.

$18^ Each

Webmaster Collection

RC woodpecker_bottoms

Royal Copley Warblers

RC WarblersRoyal Copley (5") Warblers

Green stamp or raised letters on bottom. Actually designed as a bud planter. This is a great example of the fantastic variety of colors that could be accomplished by the decorators of Spaulding.

$18 ^ Each

Webmaster Collection