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Royal Copley Bunting Planters

RC Bunting_planter_frontRoyal Copley (5") Bunting Planters

Signed with raised letters on the back. listed as No. 69 in the "Lenox Assortment" in Spaulding advertising literature, these are technically wall pockets, as there is a hole in the back for hanging. Raised letters on the back.  Fairly common and easy to find.

$25^ Each

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RC Bunting_planter_back


Royal Copley Kinglet

RC _Kinglet_planterRoyal Copley ( 5") Kinglet

Technically the Kinglet Planter, another fine example of making a utilitarian object look like art pottery. As with all the Spaulding animals, anatomical details were not designed to be species-specific so sometimes identification is difficult. Paper label only.


Webmaster Collection