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The Birds of Spaulding, Royal Copley and Royal Windsor

photo 1Without a doubt, birds were the most important  items produced at Spaulding. Whether or not the bird received a Spaulding, Copley or Windsor Label, Birds were by and far the most profitable product. Spaulding made the bulk of it's income from the sale of these wildly popular items. At the time a finely produced bird figurine was an absolute must for the middle class respectable home. The smaller birds could be purchased for as little as .25 cents and the larger more elaborate birds bringing of course more. The .25 Cent birds sold for $1.80 a dozen wholesale.

It is indeed difficult to wrap one's mind around the numbers involved in bird figurine production. The factory could easily produce 500 DOZEN birds daily. In just one year alone, 1, 800,000 birds were produced.  When extrapolating the numbers for 12 to 15 years it is staggering.

Without the birds Spaulding would not have existed. These birds are still highly sought after, with some birds still regularly bringing $50 and above on online auction sites.

The Spaulding birds will be detailed each with its own article eventually. An incredibly large and laborious task. Please bear with us.