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Royal Copley Stylized Rooster and Hen Planters

Chicken PlantersRoyal Copley Stylized Rooster and Hen Planters

Rooster  7 1/2 x 9 1/14"

Hen       6 1/12 x 8 1/2"

Beware of the many, many ceramics class copies of this very difficult to find item. As you can see from the picture, even Mrs. Royal Copley hasn't found the matching  hen in the  white with rose speckles, as he is a bachelor. Note the "chicken track" indents on the surface.  These are the two known production colors. USA and two ridges on the bottom. 

$65 Each

Publisher collection

Royal Copley Hen and Rooster Wall Pockets

Rooster Hen_PocketsRoyal Copley (6 3/4") Hen and Rooster Wall Pockets

Designed to hang as a wall pocket or stand as a planter, this hen and rooster are a set. Hen faces right towards the rooster, and he faces left. 

Intaglio lettering on the back. A beautifully executed mold. High relief and vibrant colors.

 $20-25 each

Publisher collection