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Royal Windsor Rooster Hot Pad Holder

Rooster wall_frontRoyal Windsor (8 3/4"x6") Rooster Hot Pad HolderRooster wall_back

This wall hung rooster plaque is actually a rack to be hung on the kitchen wall. It has two holes at the bottom for hooks to be applied for hanging hot pads, keys or other items. Hard to find in good condition.Designed by Anthony Priolio it is marked with U.S.A. on the back.

$30 each

Webmaster Collection


The Common Rooster Planters

Common Rooster Planters Common Rooster Planters Royal Copley 7 1/8" Low Tail Common Rooster Planter

Royal Copley 7 3/4  High Tail Common Rooster Planter


Although the difference in measurement is miniscule,  Spaulding did indeed make and market the different sized rooster planters. Raised letters on bottom. Note the unusual red stripe on the High Tail. Fun day at the decorating table? 


$25^ Webmaster Collection