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Royal Copley Rooster and Wheelbarrow Planter

Wheelbarrow roosterRoyal Copley (8") Rooster and Wheelbarrow Planter

I have to admit that although I was a bit of a country boy, I have never seen a rooster use a wheelbarrow other than to stand on it and crow. Note that the wheelbarrow is resting on a square bench on which the rooster is perched and crowing.  This rooster somewhat resembles the extremely hard to find 7" rooster figurine. Perhaps a rework?  Its interesting to note that there is one of these planters shown in "Collecting Royal Copley" c. 2006 by Joe Devine that shows a rooster perched on a round barrel. perhaps only 6 of the "round barrel" roosters are known! i would not care to guess as to a value. Another of the mysteries of Spaulding China....

A highly sought after planter.

$55 -"Square Bench" 

                                                    Publisher Collection

Royal Windsor Mystery Rooster

Royal Windsor_mystery_rooster6 5/8 inch "Mystery" Rooster

Royal Windsor Rooster (6 5/8 ")

A title of our own making, the "mystery rooster" is an exact replica of the Royal Windsor rooster. The only difference is a slightly smaller size.  There is no matching hen known. This rooster would have required an entirely different set of molds and marketing. It seems an enormous effort for a rooster that matches another nearly identically.