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Royal Copley Applied Wing Gulls

imageRoyal Copley (8') Applied Wing Gull

Some Royal Copley Gulls have wings that are molded to the base (see separate listing). However the Applied wing gull has a wing that is just as described. Much more difficult to mold, finish, paint and produce overall.  Exceedingly rare and difficult to find. 

$90 and up. 

Thank you to site member Carl from Pennsylvania for these photos.

IMG 0523

Royal Copley Big Cockatoos

RC Big_Cockatoos

Royal Copley ( 8 1/4") "Big" Cockatoos

These larger 8 1/4 inch cockatoos are referred to as the "Big" Cockatoos simply to identify them from the 7 1/4 inch ones.  Note that these cockatoos are found only in these colors. Dark green, deep rose, yellow and blue, and then in the reverse pattern. Not known yet to be found in any other color combinations.

$35^ Each

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