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Royal Windsor Mystery Rooster

Royal Windsor_mystery_rooster6 5/8 inch "Mystery" Rooster

Royal Windsor Rooster (6 5/8 ")

A title of our own making, the "mystery rooster" is an exact replica of the Royal Windsor rooster. The only difference is a slightly smaller size.  There is no matching hen known. This rooster would have required an entirely different set of molds and marketing. It seems an enormous effort for a rooster that matches another nearly identically. 

Royal Windsor Chickens

Royal Windsor_Chickens_two_setsRoyal Windsor ChickensRoyal Windsor Chickens  Rooster (7") Hen (6 1/2")  As you can see these chickens are of a totally different designs, and rather than having a designation as small or large, they are simply "Chickens". Two sets shown, one set with heavy gold decoration.


Webmaster Collection

The Very Large Royal Windsor Rooster

Very large_from_book11 1/2 inch Very Large Royal Windsor RoosterThere is an extremely large 11 1/2" Royal Windsor Rooster. It's appearance is nearly identical, except for size  to the Royal Windsor large rooster below.  Not many are known to exist, and are rare and valuable. No matching hen has ever been found. It would seem to have been an enormous expenditure of effort to make a larger rooster. It would have required separate molds, marketing and packaging. 

This photo is from the 2006 book "Collecting Royal Copley with Royal Windsor and Spaulding" by Joe Devine and shows the very large rooster in the middle of two large roosters for comparison

The webmaster would estimate this rooster to be in the $200 to $250 range, if found in excellent condition.

Perhaps a Royal Copley Collecting website member will post a photo in the Royal Copley Collecting Forum.