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The Cats of Spaulding, Royal Copley and Royal Windsor


The well known and highly prized cats of Spaulding. Planters and figurines known on sight by almost everyone, but unknown in terms of the name of the manufacturer. As with many of the Spaulding products, they were heavily copied and adapted by many other potteries for years.

The individual cats will be featured in separate articles here in the near future.



The Dogs of Spaulding, Royal Copley and Royal Windsor

photoSome of the most well known and loved of the Spaulding and Royal Copley products. These dogs have been copied many times over by many other potteries, and in countless ceramics classes for decades. Following the closure of Spaulding, many of the molds were sold to other potteries, where they were put directly into production.

 The expressiveness of the faces  speaks to the talents of the designers and mold makers of Spaulding. 

Each dog item will be detailed in separate articles in the near future.