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Royal Copley Mallard Duck on Copley Stump

Mallard on_Stump_PlanterRoyal Copley (8") Mallard on Copley Stump

This backwards looking mallard duck planter uses the "Copley Stump". More appropriately it should be called the Copley design stump.  This particular stump design appears in many designs and is immediately recognizable to the experienced collector.  Can be used as either a vase or planter.  Four runners on bottom.


Publisher collection


Small Royal Windsor Mallards

Small MallardsSmall Royal Windsor Mallards

Drake 5 3/4"

Hen    4 1/8"

Both have "USA" impressed on the rim of the base. Often mistakenly thought a part of the "Game Birds of America Series". Apparently made in small numbers as they are quite difficult to find, and a must for the complete collection of Spaulding ducks. 

$35 to $50 Each

Publisher collection

Royal Copley Sitting Mallard Hen Planter

Sitting mallard_henRoyal Copley (5 1/4") Sitting Mallard Hen Planter

Sometimes found with a Royal Windsor label.  Watch out as there are many copies out there. But there is little doubt about which one is genuine when you see the rich, glossy color of the real item. The fakes are washed out and the colors are dull.


Publisher Collection