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Royal Windsor Large Mallards

large mallard_1Large Mallard bending headRoyal Windsor ((9 1/4 - 8 3/4") Large Mallards

Probably the most well known Mallard figures known. But as usual the public at large is not familiar with the name of the pottery that produced them, as they were marked with a paper label only.  These were manufactured in very large numbers.

All of the mallard figure pairs made by Spaulding are referred to as a pair, but they are designed as a male or "drake" mallards not male and female.

$25-$30  Each 

Publisher Collection

large mallard_2Large Mallard upright head

Royal Windsor Medium Sized Mallards

Medium sized_mallardsThe rare Medium Size Royal Windsor MallardsRoyal Windsor (7 1/2" and 7") Medium Sized Mallards

The medium sized pair in our experience  is perhaps the most difficult to find of any of the duck figures by Spaulding. Like most of the other mallards, there is  an erect head, and a bending head. They look exactly the same as  the larger and smaller mallards . We searched high and low for the medium  bending head. Many collectors have never seen the medium size.  

Note that as with most of the  mallard by Spaulding,(exceptions being the "Game Birds" Series and the Small mallards), the brown, green and grey mallards are NOT designed as male and female (drake and hen) but as a pair of males. Not sure why. 

 $100-$150 Pair

Publisher Collection

Medium mallards_exampleMedium Mallards shown with a "Baby" Mallard