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Royal Windsor "Baby" Mallards

baby mallardsRoyal Windsor (5 1/4 to 5 3/4") "Baby" Mallards

Royal Windsor (5 3/4 to 6") Small Mallards

Made in great numbers, and very easy to find.  Measurements in the 1/4  inch degrees are hard to determine, as the individual molds could vary greatly within the very same items. Really the easiest way to determine the difference is to know that they look very much alike, both baby and small have one with a head up, and one with a head stretched out, and quite simply from there it's the best guess that determines!


$10 Each

Publisher Collection


Royal Copley Duck Smoking Set

smoking setRoyal Copley Duck Smoking SetRoyal Copley Duck  Smoking Set

Commonly misidentified as planters, The (3") duck serves as a cigarette holder while the two smaller (2") ducks serve as ashtrays.

Not identified in any of the existing reference books as a particular breed of duck, but another example of the generalized artistic interpretation of species and forms for art's sake.

$25- 30 per set.

Publisher collection.


Royal Windsor Game Birds of America Series

Game birdsRoyal Windsor Game Birds of America SeriesThe Game Birds of America Series is a collection of three matched pairs of Drakes (males) and Hens (female) ducks. These breeds are highly prized game birds and coveted by hunters and sportsmen. As was usual with the Royal Windsor line, these items were marketed to higher end retail stores and gift shops.  Created by noted designer Anthony D. Priolio. Priolio was chief designer at Spaulding for several years. This time marked Spaulding's rise to the second largest pottery in the country. The Game Birds series represent some of the finest work ever produced by Spaulding. At one point these items were valued at $225 to $350 per pair. Though not quite bringing those numbers now, they are still highly prized by serious Spaulding collectors, and collectors of game birds and hunting memorabilia.  The set was comprised of matched pairs of Mallards, Green Winged Teals and Gadwells. They are all stamped on the bottom rim:"A.D. Priolio (c.)" (copyright)  or the reverse "( c.)  A.D. Priolio  Some have USA stamped on the bottom, some do not. As with anything of value, they have been faked and were heavily copied.  Beware of unsigned copies, as they are always fakes.


GBS mallard_pairRoyal Windsor Mallard Pair Game Birds or America SeriesRoyal Windsor (8 1/2") Mallard Drake and (6 1/4") Hen

The most common of the three pairs and most recognizable.


$100^ Pair

Webmaster Collection






GBS TealsRoyal Windsor Teal Pair Game Birds of America SeriesRoyal Windsor (8 1/2") Large Green Winged Teal Drake and ((7 1/2") Hen

The most colorful and highly detailed of the set.


$100^ Pair

Webmaster Collection






GBS GadwellsRoyal Windsor Gadwell Pair Game Birds of America SeriesRoyal Windsor (8 1/2") Gadwell Drake and (6 3/4") Gadwell Hen

The detail and coloring is very good on this colorful pair.


 $100^ Pair

Webmaster Collection