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Royal Windsor 5 " Planter or Vase

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Royal Windsor (5") Planter or Vase

Extremely good quality, heavily molded and decorated with sponge applied gold decoration.  Similar to the Royal Copley "Plain Jane" planters of the smaller size, they are INCREDIBLY hard to find. They are thought to be early in production.  Black and Gold and a red and gold are the only known colors.  Not a good picture unfortunately, as these appear super high quality. Fond with or without Royal Windsor in raised letters on bottom.

Publisher collection

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Royal Copley Gold Banty Rooster

imageRoyal Copley Gold Banty Rooster with heavy gold decoration

 Royal Copley (6 1/2") Gold  "Banty" Rooster

As the very first listing in the 2006 collector reference "Collecting Royal Copley plus Royal Windsor and Spaulding" by Joe Devine, this little fellow has eluded many collectors of Royal Copley for a very long time.  I have personally heard him deemed "impossible to find".  Well, if the regular, non gold version is "impossible" what does this little fella get named?  Beautiful certainly comes to mind... 

This is the very first gold version of this item we have seen, and he is spectacular. 

A very sincere thank you to longtime Spaulding collectors  William and Roberta Lear of Michigan for this submission.


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