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Royal Copley Leaping Gazelles Planter with Gold Trim

IMG 2101Royal Copley Leaping Gazelles planter with Gold trim

Royal Copley Leaping Gazelles Planter with Gold Trim

A beautifully cast high relief planter.  A little dab of art deco design with that definitive Midcentury design so well done by Spaulding......

Too bad we don't design like this today.....


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Royal Copley Gold Bird Tracks planters

Royal Copley Gold Bird Tracks Planters

IMG 20994" & 6"

Grey and aqua, both with pink interiors.  It must have taken a steady and patient hand to IMG 2100individually paint in by hand every single track! 

As always with all things Spaulding, just the right amount of everything. 

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Royal Copley Colonial Old Woman in Gold

IMG 2022Royal Copley (8") Colonial Old Woman

Described by some as some of the very best work Spaulding China did.  Now dear old Gertrude, as I have always called her, never did remind me of Audrey Hepburn to begin with.  But honestly she's looking her best here. All gussied up in her Sunday best and decked out in pretty nice gold.......

Now we just need to find Homer in gold......

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