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Cat with Cello Planter Custom

Mystery Cat_with_Cello 

Royal Copley 7 1/2" Cat with Cello Planter

Custom Color 

Well known and loved, sought after by collectors in general as well as the occasional cat person, the regular colors of black cat and yellow cello pale in rarity next to this little gem. 

Despite my best efforts I could find no other information or explanation from the seller of this item. She could not , or would not, tell us from where it came or any history she might have known.  

Fought long and hard for from an online auction site, Mrs. Royal Copley had to finally step in and complete the purchase. Frankly, I chickened out. To spend that amount of money on an item I had not seen, and could not verify was a little disconcerting.  But it is indeed the real article.  Obviously a one-off employee piece, or perhaps (although unlikely) an experimental item.  

Publisher Collection 

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