MiscellaneousPlanters, Ashtrays, Plaques . . .Everything Else from Royal Copley

"Everything Else"?

The many and varied items of Royal Copley


Everything else? Miscellaneous? Many, varied, a lot, different?

How does one describe the many different items made by Spaulding? Items as varied as art pottery bird figures and devotional items to functional razor blade receptacles for the bathroom and ashtrays for the "sophisticated" home... Although we are not sure what word fits exactly, but there are many. 

 In this section we will attempt to list and group together in some semblance of order the many and varied items made under the names Spaulding, Royal Copley and Royal Windsor.

 As time goes on it may even prove easier to create additional categories, but this is a starting place. Remember that the Royal Copley Forum is always available to members to post their collections and discuss collecting, and even our categories!


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