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Royal Copley 6" Pig Lamps

IMG 0532

Royal Copley (6") Pig Lamp

With a flat unglazed bottom, many mistake this item as a pig bank, but it is purpose made at the Spaulding factory as a lamp.  There is a pink and white version as well. Both are very rare and as such are exceedingly difficult to find.

$125^ Each

Thank you site member Carl from Pennsylvania for the photo

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Royal Copley Fish Vases or Planters

IMG 0528Thank you member Carl from Pennsylvania for this picture

Royal Copley (6")  Fish Vases or Planters

Perhaps no other piece of Spaulding or Royal Copley sits at opposite ends of the scale in terms of collectability.  The yellow version shown here from the webmaster collection is readily available in antique and vintage stores, flea markets and online sites. lovely example of Spaulding design.  The yellow specimens regularly sell for as little as $10. 

Then there is the grey one.  There is no more rare piece, than perhaps the rooster lamps or a one off experimental items.  I have talked with collectors who have extensive collections with lamps and every rare piece one could imagine, and the response is almost always the same......" we cant find that darn grey fish....!".

Some day I would like someone to explain to us why this one was made in such limited quantities.Yellow Fish Planter $10 ^ webmaster Collection

Gray Fish Planter $250 and up. 

Yellow fish

Royal Copley Applied Wing Gulls

imageRoyal Copley (8') Applied Wing Gull

Some Royal Copley Gulls have wings that are molded to the base (see separate listing). However the Applied wing gull has a wing that is just as described. Much more difficult to mold, finish, paint and produce overall.  Exceedingly rare and difficult to find. 

$90 and up. 

Thank you to site member Carl from Pennsylvania for these photos.

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