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Royal Copley Mallard Duck on Copley Stump

Mallard on_Stump_PlanterRoyal Copley (8") Mallard on Copley Stump

This backwards looking mallard duck planter uses the "Copley Stump". More appropriately it should be called the Copley design stump.  This particular stump design appears in many designs and is immediately recognizable to the experienced collector.  Can be used as either a vase or planter.  Four runners on bottom.


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Royal Copley Colonial Old Woman in Gold

IMG 2022Royal Copley (8") Colonial Old Woman

Described by some as some of the very best work Spaulding China did.  Now dear old Gertrude, as I have always called her, never did remind me of Audrey Hepburn to begin with.  But honestly she's looking her best here. All gussied up in her Sunday best and decked out in pretty nice gold.......

Now we just need to find Homer in gold......

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Gold Chickens from Royal Copley

IMG 2023Royal Copley "Large" (8" Rooster 7" Hens) Chickens with gold trim.

A lovely couple.....Mr. and Mrs. Chanticleer (French for rooster) and her sister in law..... A bit of a tragic story though.  Mr. White rooster lost his life in the collapse of a glass shelf, taking out other gold cousins beneath. Luckily Mrs. White was unhurt although now a widow living with her sister and brother in law.

Can you imaging the personal's ad under "Hens seeking Roosters":

"Lovely Widowed  Hen seeks loving mature financially secure Gold Rooster.  Whites only....

" OH NO!! I'm sure there will be emails...... 


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