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"Goldie" The Royal Copley Cat

IMG 2020Too corny?  Goldie? I thought it was kinda cute......

An 8 inch "right" facing black cat.   With some pretty darn nice gold treatement.  An accidental find online from a nice person who didn't know what "Shafer 23K Guaranteed" meant...... The very nice seller attributed it to "German Pottery".....thank you kind person!!


Obviously there's a "left" facing kitty out there to match.... we'd like to meet her, or at least get her picture. Can anyone help with that?  Contact us using the "Contact" link at the bottom of the page.

No Price Available

Publisher collection, Gold and more GOLD!!!!


Gold, Gold and more GOLD.......

Why do we humans love gold so much?  Chemically uninteresting and reactive to not much of anything.  Here is my profound summary on why we love gold so much.......because it's well.......GOLD.   Yep...that's pretty much my theory.  It's pretty, its workable, its hard to get and harder to keep. Looks nice to the eyes, feels nice in the hand and it never tarnishes, rusts or oxidizes. Ahh, but there's a catch......The gold on these articles does go away.....if handled too much, washed to often, dusted weekly, or dropped in the sink.  The gold trim we all love so much on our pottery, the gold that makes it worth about 30 to 50% more, that makes it stand out on the shelves and makes us spend too much on it,  is indeed fragile.  

Ok, enough of my pedestrian attempts at philosophy.  This section of the site has been added at the request of several members of the site and avid collectors of Spaulding for a place specifically for gold trimmed items.   Yes, there are those pieces that in the routine manufacture did have some gold highlighting.  But not much.  These pages and articles are for those items which have been blessed in one way or another with what is often referred to as "Heavy" gold trim.  We don't plan any format per se for these items, but time will tell. Who decides what is worthy? Mrs. Royal Copley, that's who... She who indulges me in this site..... if there's a question, she is the decider in chief.


Our friend Joe Devine has many times told us that gold trimming was NOT done at Spaulding, but off site.  Obviously some pieces bear the mark "Shafer 23K Guaranteed"   Despite my best efforts over a very long time I have never been able to find any definitive information about Shafer....who they were or how they operated.  I would be grateful for any input....... 


PLEASE:  Send us your gold scratch that.....PICTURES  of your gold items...... Now, look at the photos on the site..  Plain, contrasting background with decent lighting..  Don't worry too much about file sizes. If possible keep it to under the size of Mars..... I can deal with it.    ALSO:  we want to properly thank and credit you for your submission. In your email, please tell us how to credit you:  

"Photo provided by Billy and Sally Rich of South Bend, Utah"..... No addresses or other identifying details will be published, under pain of death by our website lawyers!   

So there it is.... YOUR gold section. Now its time for you to produce! 



Small Royal Windsor Mallards

Small MallardsSmall Royal Windsor Mallards

Drake 5 3/4"

Hen    4 1/8"

Both have "USA" impressed on the rim of the base. Often mistakenly thought a part of the "Game Birds of America Series". Apparently made in small numbers as they are quite difficult to find, and a must for the complete collection of Spaulding ducks. 

$35 to $50 Each

Publisher collection