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Royal Windsor Baby Mug with Fish Handle Planter

Baby mug_pinkRoyal Windsor (4 1/8") Baby Mug with Fish Handle Planter

One of the  most sought after of the Baby Line items by Spaulding, as well as the most difficult to find! As with all the Baby Line items there is a matching mug in blue. Absolutely charming in design and character. The webmaster and  dear wife have searched high and low for this one, and now starting all over for the blue one. I am not certain of the significance of the fish handle, but then again maybe there is no point?  Perhaps some old custom I am not familiar with? The design is unique with intaglio stylized stars in the mold and raised blocked edges to the letters give them an impression of depth. I must wonder if this piece was difficult to cast, and thus the cause for the rarity?

$100 ^ Webmaster Collection



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