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8 inch Royal Copley Cylindrical Fish Vase

Fish 9Royal Copley (8") Cylindrical Fish Vase

A larger vase, and not in a color seen in any other of the fish items.  The fish are a light green and brown, and the entire vase is a brownish color that reminds me of an old photograph.  Vase is signed with raised letters on the bottom, no runners, and was one of the five items in the Essex assortment.

$25 ^

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Royal Copley Open Fish Vase or Planter

Fish 1Royal Copley (5 1/4") Open Fish Vase or PlantersFish 7

Listed in a Royal Copley catalog of the time as No. 660 in the Essex assortment, this vase is one of the very well known items of Royal Copley and Spaulding. Paper labels only and runners on the bottom.   Two colors available, the usual pink and blue and the chartreuse. One wonders if the chartreuse (green) color was not as popular, and the decision was made to not produce the other vases in the green? These vases are surprisingly heavily poured, even for Spaulding, which was known for it's thicker and heavier than normal products. 

$30 ^ Each

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