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Royal Windsor Planters or Vases

RW Planter

Royal Windsor (5") Planters or Vases

Similar to the smaller Plain Jane Planters, but slightly larger and as you can see in this example of the black color it has gold sponge applied trim.  These planters are unmarked and have no runners. Only a dry foot around the bottom edge.  5 inches tall, 5 1/4 inches across the top and 3 3/4 inches across the bottom.  Thickly poured and heavy, they have a quality feel. 

My inquiries lead me to believe that these unmarked planters, along with the Plain Jane planters are early production, and difficult to find. 

$30 each

Webmaster Collection

Spaulding Duck Creamers

Duck CreamersSpaulding (4 1/2") Duck Creamers

Ducks wearing a suit and tie, carrying a cane and wearing what looks like a stocking hat.  Makes perfect sense to me....You?

Charming and whimsical design, poured heavy and thick with the usual quality airbrushing.  Easy to find in a variety of colors.


$12^ Each

Webmaster Collection

Spaulding Chick Creamers

Spaulding Chick_CreamersSpaulding (4 3/4") Chick Creamers

Quite easy to find. Decorated in various colors. Found with a "Pat. Pending" or "Spaulding Pa. 113724" on the bottom.  Another item produced for the table, that most likely was seldom used for cream.

$10^ each

Webmaster Collection