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Royal Copley "Spooks" Planters

spooks frontRoyal Copley (4") "Spooks" Planters

Don't you wonder how the names for these items are determined?  Spooks? Is it the shape, the nickname of the poor fellow who poured the slip into the mold, or did someone throw the encyclopedia on the floor and see where it fell open? One tends to wonder....  Oh, for those under say, about 30 years of age, you can Google the word "encyclopedia". Perhaps there will be an explanation. Anyway, another of the favorite Art Deco inspired planters in black and a medium green. Somewhat hard to find in good condition. 

spooks back$20 ^  each 

Webmaster Collection

Royal Copley Riddle Planters

Riddle bwRoyal Copley Riddle Planters

7" Large Round, 4" Oval and 5" Small Round

The Royal Copley Riddle Planters are a distinct favorite of both the webmaster and the beloved wife. The abstract form and somewhat art deco theme are a real favorite of collectors of Spaulding. However they are often found with a Royal Windsor label, so either designation will work. The black and white are particularly favored. Somewhat hard to find. Shown here in the usual colors of black and white and the burgundy and Riddle burgundywhite.

$25 to $35^ (each)  Webmaster Collection