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Royal Copley Floral Elegance Vase

photo1 2Royal Copley (8") Floral Elegance Vase

Royal Copley Floral Elegance Vase holds a beauty and design that collectors of Copley favor over botanical exactness. Found in various colors, however, the rich cobalt blue seems to be the favorite among collectors.  Royal Copley Floral Elegance Vases with raised letters on the bottom rather than a green stamp are harder to find.

$25^ Each

Webmaster Collection

Royal Copley Pome Fruit Pitchers

photo1 3Royal Copley (8") Pome Fruit Pitchers 

Royal Copley Pome Fruit Pitchers with a green stamp on the bottom come in cobalt blue and tan colors.  The Royal Copley Pome Fruit Pitcher that features cobalt blue on the top and bottom of the pitcher is extremely hard to find and a must have for any collector.

 Cobalt color pitcher price estimated at $90 or more

$40^ Each for other colors.

Webmaster Collection