Vases, Pitchers And PlantersGeneric Royal Copley Household Items

Royal Copley Carol's Corsage Vases

photo1Royal Copley (7") Carol's Corsage Vases

Royal Copley Carol's Corsage Vases, with a green stamp on the bottom, are listed as No. 55 on one of the color charts of the company.  Royal Copley Carol's Corsage Vases that feature yellow on both ends or blue and pink are not easily found.

$18^ Each

Webmaster Collection

Royal Copley Floral Beauty Pitchers

photoRoyal Copley (8") Floral Beauty Pichers 

Royal Copley Floral Beauty Pitchers, having a green stamp or raised lettering on the bottom. Cobalt blue seems to be the favorite among collectors. Royal Copley Floral Beauty Pitchers with a green stamp on the bottom are harder to find.

$20^ Each (or more for cobalt blue)

Webmaster Collection

Dogwood Plaque Planters

Dogwood plantersRoyal Copley (4 1/2") Plaque Planters

Despite what is an assumption for many, these were not made for the florist trade. They were made to introduce the successful Books of Remembrance series of planters into the chain stores. These were very popular with the public.

This photo shows all of the known Dogwood Plaque Planters. Note that the Lords Prayer shows two different color schemes. One with gold highlight.